The volunteer operated, Silver Arrow Bowman Archery Club is a private, non-profit archery club that officially started in 1954 and is located at the southeast corner of Little Mountain Park. The land's previous owner donated the property to the City of Mount Vernon on the condition it would be preserved for archery, so long as the club managing it remained viable. Due to a fire that destroyed the clubhouse and records in 1972, not much else is known about Silver Arrow's early years aside from a scrapbook.

In 2009 the club was awarded a sizable grant for extensive renovations and improvements and Silver Arrow Bowman is now considered by many as one of the top archery ranges in the region. These upgrades also provided space for adding a south trailhead for Little Mountain park users. The club's features include:

  • Indoor range with 14 shooting lanes, marked distances out to 20 yards
  • A outdoor flat range, out to 50 yards with lighting for shooting after dark
  • A second outdoor flat range with targets out to 60 yards
  • A 4-plus mile, walk-through course with 50 different targets of varying distances and angles
  • State and local tournaments are held throughout the year.
  • Hunter education courses

Silver Arrow Bowmen is open to the public everyday, unless there is ascheduled event. For information visit or, check them out of Facebook.

The Little Mountain Park's south trailhead and parking area are located at the Silver Arrow Bowman archery range.