NOLS volunteers raise the bar …Again!

On September 27th NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School) volunteered at Little Mountain Park, for their third year in a row!  Their impressive work helped to ready our trail called La-Z-Boy for the "Symphony Run" over the weekend.  Their work also helped to ensure improve trail conditions as our weather worsens. NOLS continues to set a solid example, one we hope that other groups and organizations will follow.

They reached out to us, asked how they could help - and as always exceeded our expectations.

NOLS students and instructor helping build slot drains.

NOLS students and instructor helping build slot drains.

Another NOLS team clearing a channel for water above the slot drains.


Not shown, but also completed, was trail tread shaping, building of rock walks, and bridge maintenance.   THANK YOU NOLS!

So what's next?  Expect a few important announcements over the next few weeks.  And yes, at our next volunteer session on 10/22 the work of blowing leaves off trails begins.

If you'd like to get involved please contact us!