A Very Busy Day at Little Mountain Park

Yesterday, with nearly "double" our normal number of volunteers, we
got a great deal done.  And of those volunteers you'll notice that
nearly half were wearing matching gray SVC Cardinals T-shirts.  They're a new club
coming to us from Skagit Valley College.

At least one of the founding members of the "SVC Trailblazers" was in
SVC's Wildland Fire Fighting Class that cleared the deadfall and duff
from this trail.

In this session we worked on over half of the .38 mile long trail
section they cleared a few months back.  And while it is not
completely finished, it is open and being improved each session.  Look
at the switchback corner we built...

And possibly more impressively, checkout the group size and makeup.
We had our normal core group, some returning volunteers and a handful
of new volunteers - in addition to the SVC club.  Our youngest
volunteer was 3 years old, working with her mother.  This is a family
friendly activity.

We expect to have this trail finished in about two more sessions.  Of
course that depends on weather and our number of volunteers.  The next
project will be starting work on the new "flow trail" that is a part
of the new Heart of the Park Public Trails Facility.  Thanks everyone
for your hard work and support!

Jim “JT” Taylor
Mount Vernon Trail Builders