Why did we create littlemountainpark.org?

We believe that Little Mountain Park is truly the crown jewel of a strong Mount Vernon parks system. Its exceptional features and accessibility put it among the very best regional parks in the entire Puget Sound. Little Mountain Park has not one but, two fantastic viewpoints, many miles of well-maintained trails, an interpretive nature trail, the Eagle Rock ropes course, and the adjacent Silver Arrows archery range. In the most recent Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan, Little Mountain was rated best in the city for both Level of Service Standards and capacity for additional use. Furthermore, in that same survey, community members ranked trails as the #1 priority for parks. And yet, with all this going for it, our members and volunteers still meet longtime Skagitonians who have not yet discovered all the wonders of Little Mountain.
The mission of the Mount Vernon Parks Foundation is to “Create a sustainable and connected community that encourages active, healthy living”.  With this in mind, we have decided to take a more progressive approach to connecting our community to our largest and most beautiful park. Hence, littlmountainpark.org is the first step of many we intend to take toward better connecting our residents to Little Mountain, as well as all of our great city parks.
It is our hope that this increased visibility also conveys a strong, positive message of what can be achieved through public-private partnerships.  Strong local parks benefit our entire community.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a willing and engaged partner as we do with the City of Mount Vernon. We are also most grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who’ve donated thousands of hours of their time and the generous financial contributions from our many sponsors over these past years.
We hope you enjoy the new website and find the look and tone as fitting for Little Mountain as we do. Beyond this new and more proactive voice for our parks, Mount Vernon Trail Builders and the Mount Vernon Parks Foundation look forward to the opportunity and privilege of continuing to serve our community just as we have in the past.
Rick Levine
Mount Vernon Parks Foundation