Our first orientation meeting

April 12th, 2017. Hillcrest Park, Mount Vernon, WA.

I am writing this while riding the buzz of excitement from our first orientation meeting on trail building practices under the helpful tutelage of James and Sean with the Mount Vernon Parks Department. We met this crisp spring morning to review the assemblage of tools and procedures we will be able to use towards building and maintaining trails at Little Mountain Park. We are moving into a new era of trail building partnership with the city, one which I hope will help us realize the goals set forth in the park master plan in a way which engages our community first hand with the stewardship of one of its greater resources. We had a solid turnout of volunteers – including several experienced local trail builders who have helped get the park’s trails where the are today. We went through the basics of trail and tool safety with James and Sean, from yellow jackets to Pulaski’s, and then had the chance to huddle and share our hopes for the coming work parties before returning to the usual Monday morning routines. The passion for trail building, and for the unique awesomeness that is Little Mountain Park, were as palpable as my cold toes. I am really looking forward to putting shovel to dirt in good company at our first work party April 29th, hope to see you there!