2601 S LaVenture Road, Mount Vernon, WA

Mount Vernon’s next new park will be the Bonnie Rae location, which is 10 acres of nature ready for fun and relaxation. This superb combination of woods and meadow, bisected by salmon-bearing Maddox Creek featuring a trail crossing which connects the neighborhoods surrounding Hillcrest Park and Little Mountain Park. While the park is yet to be undeveloped, it is open to the public for walking/hiking and wildlife viewing. Future plans for Bonnie Rae include a multi-use sports meadow, group picnic shelter, meandering woodland trails, and several acres of open space set among the trees and grasses.


  • Bird Watching/Wildlife Viewing

  • Grass Play Area

  • Open Space

  • Nature Area


For more information about XXXXXXX Park, please visit Mount Vernon Parks & Enrichment Services website or call their office at (360) 336-6215.