Hidden among the collection of valuable recreational assets in Skagit County, the Eagle Rock Challenge Course rests quietly at the base of Little Mountain, waiting for the opportunity to make your event special. It is a place to build relationships. Whether it is bonding at a last hurrah for friends before a wedding, having fun together at an activity-filled birthday party, or team-building at a professional retreat, the unique experiences here will be unforgettable. It is an especially worthwhile field trip destination for schools.  In addition to the advantages of fresh air and physical activity, there are benefits that last a lifetime: increased confidence, practice in overcoming adversity, improved leadership and problem-solving skills. Most of all, there is plenty of fun, and sometimes adrenaline provoking excitement.

The level of challenge can be adjusted for your group. The ropes may be a foot off the ground, or forty feet up. There are many "elements"to choose from. There are ten elements to the low course, designed for team-building, and approximately fifteen inter-connected high elements, called the "hub and spoke," which are well-suited for greater intensity.  There are also three individual elements which include the vertical playpen, trapeze jump, and zip-line. 

Interested in scheduling an event? Call 360-336-6215 or visit mountvernonwa.gov.