The canvas of Edgewater Park serves as a venue for numerous events across the calendar. Edgewater’s music stage plays host to many local music arts performances and cultural celebrations, including the hugely successful Highland Games there every July. Better yet, Edgewater Park is within easy walking distance of downtown Mount Vernon. Therefore, following on the heels of our successes with Little Mountain Park’s trail system and HOP project, MVPF is now turning its sights to Edgewater Park and have begun exploring ways to increase the functionality and accessibility of the park. Beyond special events, our goal is to make the park a vibrant and regularly used community hub. 

And that work has already begun! Together with the City of Mount Vernon and Skagit Valley Disc Golf club, we’ve spent the past two years exploring some small ways to make a big impact toward improving Edgewater Park. One of the first this we did was join with Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group and Washington Conservation Corps to work on removing invasive plants and opening up grown over trails.

Next, in conjunction with the City of Mount Vernon and Skagit Valley Disc Golf Club, MVPF lead organizing the funding and installation of new, of a new, championship length disc golf course that opened in May of 2019. There are currently 18 holes available running the entire length of the park, with the potential for another nine holes to be added in the future. We hope to soon develop a kiosk that will outline the entire disc golf course with a map. Currently, the Edgewater course can be found on udisc, an app available on both the Android and Apple app stores. This app will allow you to GPS track your course play and keeps score.

Our recent disc golf course enhancement is just the first step of what hope are many bringing more positive use to Edgewater Park. From baseball to playgrounds to boat launches to woodland walks, Edgewater Park is a multi-use dream. We can shape this into the next great thing to happen to Mount Vernon Parks through your help. Through your time and money, we will be transforming Edgwater into the jewel of downtown Mount Vernon. With input and support from our entire community, we believe this 55-acre, waterfront park has huge potential for enhancing Mount Vernon. With your donations, we can begin the planning exploring more ways for what that future park looks like and how we can best utilize the greenspace.

$100,000 Funding Goal

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