Mountain Biking near Seattle

With popular mountain biking spots like Blanchard and Galbraith mountains not too far away, Little Mountain has been upping its game. In total, the park now has over 6.5  miles of single-track bike trails plus, there’s the 1.4 mile road for those who prefer a smooth, quick way up to save their energy for the ride down. There’s some trails that can get a little challenging, with narrow spaces and a few steep gradients, but overall the course is best suited for beginners and intermediate riders. There’s a lot of effort put into keeping the trails maintained and accessible at all times, making it a great place to learn the ropes of mountain biking.   

Overall, most riders will find the most challenging part is simply the ride up. From the East Trailhead, the favorite approach for most riders, it’s 550’ climb to the summit where you can take in the great views overlooking the lower Skagit Valley, and beyond to Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, Mt. Baker and the North Cascades, making the ride up well worth the effort.

At Little Mountain Park, it’s our goal to provide a place with fresh air and good trails for everyone. Whether you’re on foot or on two wheels, we just want you to have fun.

© Terry Afdem

© Terry Afdem

Soon, LMP will be adding a bicycle skills course to the northern side of the mountain. It’ll have a number of sections, each with their own types of terrain. One section will be comprised of flow lines; another will be made up of log skinnies and other ride-able terrain. One will be a hill climb course to build your technical, up-hill skills. The last section will be a pump track course, similar to the one at Baker View Park, just a few minutes away.

The funding for each section has already been gathered through our Heart of the Park project. The skills course is actually part of a few major additions coming to the park. A whole new “Heart of the Park”, main trailhead facility with additional parking spaces, a picnic area, and a new set of restrooms is currently in the planning & engineering stages.  You can learn more about this public-private partnership project on our HOP Trailhead Project page.

© Peter Wheeler