Each Spring the Mount Vernon Parks Department invites all schools on a day hike up Little Mountain to learn about their local ecosystem and get out into nature. We take about 500 students from the south end of Little Mountain to the top of the park and then back down again, giving them a chance to fully experience the park. The round trip covers a total of six miles and, for many of these kids, it’s their very first time taking on such an ambitious hike. 

This educational event is entirely financed by the Parks Foundation. We cover all bussing and substitute PE Teachers so they can join the students on this hike. We have developed a booklet with curriculum that gives students activities as they climb the mountain, including writing a poem, drawing their surroundings, and listening to nature. This was designed by professional educators on our board. There is also a separate trail etiquette pamphlet to help students learn how to respect nature as they travel through it.

We are always interested in sponsorship for this exciting event, with the program being a wonderful place to advertise your business. You can be a part of getting the youth of Mount Vernon out discovery the beauty of nature and the feeling of vitality that vigorous exercise provides. The knowledge of our parks and their accessibility is a gift that stays with them long after their hike.

As we grow our program, we also want to start developing other outreach over time. With your help, we can make the Mount Vernon park system integral to the education of our community.

$8,000 Biennial Funding Goal

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