Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and Mount Vernon’s very own thriving community is passionate and dedicated. They meet regularly at Hillcrest, and we want to help them by converting the south tennis courts into a dedicated pickleball court. The two tennis courts can convert to six to eight pickleball courts, allowing for more games throughout the community.

The smaller play area makes pickleball an exciting game that is easier on the body. This opens the game to a wide age range of players. The community is always welcoming new players, so come out and learn about the sport. Your support helps get more people in our community active and healthier.

The sport was invented in Seattle in 1965. It is a combination of tennis and wiffle ball and is a smaller play surface. The new surface we hope to bring in would expand the courts currently available. With your help, we can help support a growing community in the Mount Vernon area.

We are looking to build new nets for the facility, and would bring in new hardware, as well. The fences would also get an overhaul, helping to protect the games. This project helps diversify the activities available in the Mount Vernon community. Please consider a donation to help strengthen our opportunities in the parks department today.

$100,000 Funding Goal

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