Our Mission

“To encourage private or public donations of land or money for the acquisition, development, and enhancement of accessible parks and recreation facilities in and around Mount Vernon and to support park related projects and administer charitable contributions for local programs.”

Three Decades of Success

Mount Vernon Parks Foundation was founded in 1986 by Ralph and Vera Rothrock. Thanks to their efforts Bakerview Park was created soon after that, and has been enjoyed by thousands of users every year since then.

Since that time MVPF has provided the means to help parks related interests flourish, including; Mount Vernon Arts Commission, Adopt-a-Trail Program, Movies In The Park, Scholarships For Kids, Off-Leash Dog Park, Playground Equipment, and more.

Now, more than thirty years after it’s beginning, MVPF’s primary focus has shifted from creating new parks to connecting and enhancing the park spaces and programs Mount Vernon already has.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

We currently have a variety sponsorship opportunities available including;

We recognize that sponsorship decisions are often driven by marketing needs. To deliver the maximum return to your company, we can work with you to design a benefits package that complements your needs.

Interested in learning more about how your organization can be a champion of Mount Vernon’s parks and what benefits package would work best for your company?

A great way to start is by talking about it over coffee with MVPF President Danny Pickering - He’ll even buy! You can reach him at dannyp@mvpf.org.