The pinnacle of Little Mountain Park is, quite literally, is it's two spectacular viewpoints - If a picture truly is worth a 1,000 words then, there's very little we can add to this story;

Pickering Viewpoint faces south across the farmlands of the Skagit River delta and over the towns of Conway and Laconner, Central Puget Sound, Camano & Whidbey Islands, all backdropped by the Olympic Mountains in the distance to the southwest. Photo © Peter Wheeler

The North Viewpoint's stylish design let's you imagine yourself as paraglider looking down on the city of Mount Vernon and the lower Skagit Valley. Across the horizon from west to east are Padilla Bay, North Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, Blanchard Mountain, the Chuckanut Range, and finally Mt. Baker. Photo © Rob Barker

Twilight view of Mount Vernon from the North Viewpoint - Photo © Terry Afdem

Lightning striking near Laconner at dusk - taken from Pickering (south) Viewpoint - Photo © Peter Wheeler